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Alta Beukes
Ek is totaal verslaaf aan Diamond-Dot Painting! Maar veral die waar jy die HELE prent moet dot! Ek voel verneuk (en asof ek op die pret uitmis) as n' prent net "partial" gedoen moet word - ek wil net dot-dot-dot
Mine and my mother's DDP... I absolutely love doing this, I'm surely going to buy more, even my daughter of 6 loves to do this with her ouma.
My mother has been in extreme pain for the last 8 months. She is severely depressed and has been very despondent from the family. UNTIL NOW. My husband bought me two diamond-dot paintings. When I started the peacock my mother was very interested. So I handed her the tool and explained to her how to do it. It has completely changed her. She was up this morning at 9 and only stopped dotting at 4pm. She is addicted. Thank you for this incredible product that actually has pulled my mom out of her depression. The diamond dot keeps her mind off the pain. And in my opinion she is doing a fantastic job.
Getting there and loving every moment.
Yes at Mugg and Bean Walmer Park.. Everyone asking bout it.. My daughter loves her diamond dot painting.
Done and dusted... now for framing... impressed on the outcome. Custom done by Diamond-Dot Painting... 70 x 50 with 30 colours.
A5 DDP book
I just can't stop 😀 I have to share this with you guys. I've been diagnosed with Depression and anxiety in January. I struggle to sleep that's why I'm so fast with my paintings. Since I found this hobby I'm a happier person and I don't find it hard getting out of bed. Diamond dot have had such a big positive impact in my life and I can't tell you how much it means to me and I just want to say thank you so very much and you should know Diamond-dot Paintings isn't just a hobby to most of us it's much much more.
My first A5 book DDP. I love it. Thanks for all your hard work Emma!
Stacey Patching Bender
THANK YOU so much for such an amazing product. My little girls are enjoying their Diamond-dot Painting kits so much. The kits are very well planned, very user friendly and super cute too.
Heleen Mienie
I just want to thank you for your excellent service! I ordered a custom design from one of your distributors. The colours are absolutely amazing!!!! I can't stop dotting!!!! It's still a work in progress, but I was so pleased I had to share my progress. Thank you sooooooo much!
Michelle Cooke Hendriksz
I loved doing this one as a birthday gift for a 9 year old! She loves it!
Pratisha Maharaj
#December WIP competition... Just loving the vibrant colors of my custom design.
Michelle Strydom
My WIP. Going to look great once it's done. Already picked a spot in my kitchen for it.
Michelle Botma Smith
I think this is pretty amazing! My Mom & Dad finished this custom 90x70cm in 9 days!
Chrissie Savari
Ek wil net sê. Diamond-Dot Painting south Africa is die beste!!!!!!! Ek was ongelukkig oor 'n CDDP [Custom Diamond-Dot Paintnig]. Die kleure was net nie reg nie. Ek het hulle gekontak en hulle het dadelik ingegaan op die probleem. In minder as twee weke het ek 'n nuwe een gekry. Nog nie eers oopgemaak nie maar gaan deel met julle. Sulke diens kan net aanbeveel word. Ek sal by geen ander plek my CDDP laat maak nie. Ek het nou al 8 by hulle laat maak en hulle is almal awesone. Thank you guys for super and quality service.
Emma Engelbrecht
My custom kit is done and I am speechless with the end result. Thank you Diamond-Dot Painting for making this hobby a memory that will last forever.
Bettie Jacobs
Diamond dot team you guys deserve extra love for all your spectacular services you give to the diamond dot family. I just received my parcel and wow I am blown away. I can't wait to start. Thank you so so much for this I can't say thank you enough. I will definitely keep you updated with my progress. Much love Bettie xxxxxxx
Chantal Anne Whitfield
She came out perfect, the eye looks good. Thank you once again. I cannot even explain the total joy that was on her face when she saw it.
Geordie Shaer Nicholls
Amazing to see how the diamond art takes shape! Thank you once again for this wonderful prize!!!
Suzette Christie
Second one. Love the bright colours 😀
Brenda Levinson Shenker
My WIP. Loving the craft.
Michelle Mole
Just wanted to say I am super happy. I placed my order on Monday and it arrived today. Not only was delivery super quick but the product quality is the best that I have bought so far. And I have bought quite a few. Everything was nearly and professionally packed. Please convey my deepest appreciation and thanks to all involved.
Kimberly Rodgers
To all Diamond Dot Customs, I would just like to say thank you for all your amazing service and feedback to my emails. I received my two customs today in perfect condition and they look AMAZING, WOW they have blown my mind. I can't wait to see what you all come up with in regards to my next order. Thank you ALL you have made my day. Regards Kim Rodgers